Freight Support

We provide the resources you need to drive the best prices in your freight and small package delivery services.

Our goal is to optimize the cost of your organization’s domestic and international transportation activities. Our team will work to leverage your overall spend and improve the efficiency of your organization’s routing processes. Additionally, we will help implement an efficient and accurate freight payment processing methodology.

SADIE Co. Ltd will provide freight forwarding strategies based on your needs. We will incorporate market conditions, forwarder abilities, geographical locations and your shipment risks into your logistic strategy. During the process, we will provide logistic services that meet your existing project to best practices in the marketplace.

SADIE Co. Ltd will assist in identifying and improving the qualitative and quantitative aspects of your shipping profile, including:

  • Lead times
  • Unique service requirements
  • Reporting requirements
  • System integration
  • Payment requirements/process
  • Intermodal/Ocean freight
  • Dimensional and weight issues

SADIE Co. Ltd does not end the process once your goods have been received. Instead, we continue to be an active part of the logistic process to ensure new procedures are implemented both by your freight forwarders and internal staff.

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