Separate but Integrated Partners

Separate But Integrated Partners

SME and entrepreneurs are separate but integrated business partners. In regards to the global marketplace, economic transformations and political assaults that have plunged certain collaborative opportunities into a new nadir. The principle concern with economic growth is to identify problems that could be resolved within various SME and entrepreneurial groups that are associated with economic development projects. Thus the basic premise of social and economic changes will work in the same way i.e., when SME and entrepreneurs collectively benefit from the global marketplace, major changes in economic development projects should occur. As a result, the reorganization of SME and entrepreneur activities, trading demographics and inter-relationships for the global marketplace can be transferred from domestic to global production and service distributions. Only through an analysis of this concept and other factors could a recommendation SME and entrepreneur collaborative opportunities be utilize.

In this situation, SME and entrepreneur can contribute to the global marketplace in terms of mobilizing social, financial and institutional resources to assist in the growth of business opportunities in two ways: by offering strategies on how to promote business opportunities among themselves; and by offering economic incentives to encourage collaboration among themselves. Historically, they may have used two main strategies to amass capital such as promote “buy” campaigns; and mounting mass campaigns to force concessions from government and corporations. Either way, benefiting from the global marketplace should be designed to outline specific products and services that are suitable for SME and entrepreneurs. Such designs are whereby they establish partnerships to improve in such areas as cultural awareness, patience with negotiating team and the development of personal relationships. These areas are necessary in order to protect what is seen as business challenges and to promote products and services that allow SME and entrepreneur easy access to the global marketplace.

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