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SADIE Co understand the difficulties to start a business but also how to enter the ever-growing global trade industry. Globalization is a dynamic, eclectic, and complex trend that effects business decision. We equip learners with the knowledge, know how, and skills to enter the international trade industry. Through discussion, lecture and workshops; learners will go through the entire process of sourcing; manufacturing and importing/exporting consumer goods.

With our years of experience, we have developed training modules, tips, and an overall know-how approach that has led our clients to continuous success. We are confident that our Global Merchandise and Service Trade Program (GMSTP) will provide the necessary technical assistance, advice, and business support services for small medium-sized enterprises (SME) and individuals to to gain an advantage in the global economy.

We’d like to introduce the SADIE Educational & Training Program.

This is a five (5) module program that will equip learners with the skills to confidently pursue their business ventures.


To equip entrepreneurs’ based on their chosen merchandise or service trade how to through practical projects that can gain direct access to the global marketplace with tangible economic results. Through discussion, lecture and workshops; learners will go through the entire process to manufacture, source and import/export their goods or services.

Course breakdown:

Each module, the course will be broken into two main points:

Lectures will include a coaching session, different topics, questions & answers discussion.

Workshop will be an allocated time to apply what you’ve learned in the lecture to your own business.

Specific objectives:

  1. Obtain intermediate knowledge on how to outsource their product or service trade project that will yield an economic gain.
  2. Understand how to utilize online trade platforms to grow their business.
  3. Learn how to create practical merchandise or trade service for their local community and the global economy.
  4. Acquire the know-how to develop a supply chain team to support their business growth.
  5. Recognize the importance of trade show participation based on their selected industry.


If you’re interested in learning more about the program and how to enroll, complete the contact form below. Make sure to include ‘educational & training’ in the subject line.

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