We are a direct resource for micro, small medium-sized enterprises (MSME) that want to enter the global marketplace, but lack practical training for sourcing solutions, manufacture selection, product design, utilizing trade platform or logistical support in China. We understand that the global marketplace is a dynamic, eclectic and complex topic. We are here to equip MSME with the knowledge, know how and skills to enter the international trade industry.

Through our experience and team, we’re able to provide the best end-to-end consultant services for entrepreneurs who want to participate in global trade industry.

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SADIE Co. Ltd helps clients optimize their performance and profitability through cost reduction and process improvement in their Strategic Sourcing operations. We have built a strong and diverse staff with collective industry experience in Strategic Sourcing, Procurement Best Practices, Project Management, Negotiation, Logistics, Purchasing Management and Strategic Planning.

In turn, we have become a leading Procurement Service Provider supplementing client resources with cost reduction, strategic sourcing services and spend management solutions.

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SADIE Co. Ltd assist SME and entrepreneurs on how to optimize their performance through practical modules to enhance and improve their strategic global marketplace operations. We built a strong and diverse team with collective industry experiences in Product Concept, Trade Resources, Logistic, E-Commerce B2C and B2B, and Trade Show planning and development.

Our experienced team use proven sourcing, purchasing strategies, innovative technologies, and an unsurpassed database of resources to assit our clients.

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